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Ah, the Sea and Cake. I have such a soft spot in my heart for these easy-going Chicagoans who are surprisingly still popping along after all these years. Taking a little of Yo La Tengo's lo-fi melodies, and adding a little bit of their own laid-back lounge, they were the purveyors of an entirely new, carefree sound. The band never met a distortion pedal they liked.

I first fell for Sea and Cake back in 1994 after hearing the undeniably upbeat song, "Jacking the Ball" (still no idea what that means), from that debut album of theirs that had the cool dude with the afro on the cover. The jingles and hooks sounded so happy. And happiness was a rare thing in indie rock circa 1994. They were doing something new.

Over the next thirteen years, the band has put out six more enjoyable albums for Thrill Jockey. No small feat considering John McEntire was busy drumming for Tortoise, and The Sea and Cake's other multi-instrumentalist members were busy being in every other Chicago band. I'm really glad these grizzled vets are back out playing again. You know you can't ever stop the pop.
Published May 16, 2007



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