((Still Life Still)) Band Profile and Upcoming Chicago Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Here's an up-and-coming Canadian band (East York, Ontario --- not to be confused with East New York --- very different scenes, I'd imagine) that can be compared to another Canadian band that used to be up-and-coming but are now just BIG TIME. That BIG TIME band is called Broken Social Scene.

Maybe it's just because both Still Life Still and Broken Social Scene share a label (Arts & Crafts) that makes this band association so easy. Or, maybe it's because Still Life Still sounds, you know, all sprawling and pretty and chamber poppy and stuff. One crucial difference between the two bands is that Still Life Still has only five members whereas BSS has five thousand members.

But despite being 4995 members down, Still Life Still are still (wink) able to pull off a pretty big sound. Sometimes the guitars get a little jagged too, which makes for a nice little pleasant punk detour from all the pop going on. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say if you like Broken Social Scene, you maybe perhaps might like Stiff Life Still. And that's a statement I DON'T back down from.
Published August 13, 2009



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