((Playlounge)) Band Profile and Upcoming Chicago Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Written by Patrick McNamara

Playlounge are a noisy and mighty melodic punk guitar/drums duo (Saam Watkins + Laurie Foster) from London. They shred it pretty good. But it’s all fun and games. Ain’t nobody mad up in this mug. They just wanna get loud and see to it that nobody gets hurt in the pit.

Saam and Laurie are buds with Joanna Gruesome. So if you want a similar sound pairing - there you go. I just gave you one. You want another? OK. How about Japandroids? You can’t talk about catchy noise guitar/drums duos without talking about Japandroids. Well, I guess if you’re a music writer you could. But you’d pretend not to. You’d say something like, “It would be easy to compare Playlounge to Japandroids however the comparison doesn’t quite fit….” You know? Making a comparison by saying you’re not making the comparison? I love when music writers do this. It’s the best. #fart

Playlounge is recommended for anyone who likes to shred. Remember. You can shred anywhere. It doesn't have to only happen at a show. Shred at your day job. Shred while paying bills. Shred a sandwich. Shred high. Shred low. Just keep shredding. Because shredding shall set you free.

Here’s a good song to get your whistle wet. You want more? Of course you do. And they’ve got more. But you’ll have to source those songs yourself. I’ve got some shredding to do. Pits to jump into. Utility bills to pay. Hoagies to eat. Surely you understand. I know you do. Because you really get me, bb boo boo.

Published March 17, 2014



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