((Nite Jewel)) Band Profile and Upcoming Chicago Concerts - Oh My Rockness

L.A.'s Ramona Gonzalez is Nite Jewel. And Nite Jewel is straight up Alt 'n B (we've discussed Alt 'n B extensively; see James Blake + Dirty Projectors + The xx). The homemade DIY style music Nite Jewel makes is all funky and slightly disco-y and has got a big dose of soul.

But it's all kind of done in that totally ALT way, you know? It comes with some pretty smooth bass lines and beats that are a little too chill for the club. It's kind of too seductive.

Actually, this is more like music meant for slow banging... on a can! Banging on a can! Geez! Get your mind out of the gutter! Like we would ever talk about that intimate activity in relation to rock music! There's no place for that stuff in rock 'n roll.

Nite Jewel's latest album was put out by Mexican Summer (Ariel Pink + Best Coast + Kurt Vile and stuff). And you'll like it, and you'll like her... if you like Alt 'n B. And Alt 'n B is something I DON'T back down from. Funky.

Published February 10, 2011



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