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Minneapolis' Night Moves are a new band of four guys in their early twenties who play old rock. What's old rock mean? I don't know. But I think it means Night Moves (and the logic... it goes 'round and round). This is kind of a blues-y and psych-y soul-pop situation that sounds like what someone totally chill in 1973 would've pulled back the tab of a beer can to. (That's what they still had in 1973. Tabs. The standard pop top can we know and love today, while technically invented in 1963, didn't become ubiquitous until much later. Probably after 1973. I don't really know.)

Night Moves rocks a sound that a big part of the LA music scene is totally obsessed with these days. You know - that blues-y rock thing? That's poppy? And kinda maybe even dare to say a little funky? With a little psych-y thing too? Yeah. You know. Not that Night Moves are from Los Angeles. They're from Minneapolis. But the Los Angeles Lakers used to be the Minneapolis Lakers. So... there you go. My point exactly (and the logic... it goes 'round and round.)

If you need some band comparisons thrown out at you to make sense of it all in this chaotic world - think of Night Moves as maybe Band of Horses meets Mood Rings meets Bob Seger ("Night Moves") meets a much better comparison than Band of Horses because what year is this, 2005? I thought this was 1973!

One more thing. Night Moves just got signed to Domino. You know what that means? It means for these young guys alllll the pieces are about to fall into place - one right after another - and it'll be so cool as the pieces fall - in perfect sync - sometimes even making turns and loops and zig-zag stuff - because dominos rule (....at least it wasn't a pizza joke, yo).

Let's end this with a Night Moves jam. What do YOU hear when you play it? Whatever you hear is cool too. It's all chill.

Published December 12, 2012



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