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Photo Cred: Ian Christopher Sutherland

Written by Patrick McNamara

Monobody are five dudes (Al = upright/electric bass + Steve = electric bass + Conor = guitar/electronics + Collin = keyboard + Nnamdi = drums) that make poppy instrumental math rock that also just might be called jazz. However you want to smartly describe it, it's apparent after listening that his crew isn’t fucking around. They’ve got mad talent and some serious poly-rhythmic skills that probably don't pay the bills (this is indie rock). Catch these rhythms if you can because they wait for no man.

It’s fitting Monobody are from Chicago* because, if you ask me, my hometown city is where instrumental math rock like this was born and thrived circa the ‘90s. Maybe Louisville made it first. I don’t know. Let’s not fight about it. This is supposed to be a chill space. Regardless, these guys know their town’s illustrious musical history and borrow from the past to carry on math-rock’s goodness straight into the edge of tomorrow.**

Monobody’s self-titled debut album comes out April 7th in the Year That I’m Writing This on Chicago’s Naked Ally Records, co-run by Matt Frank of the band Loose Lips Sink Ships and I have conveniently provided a song from that record below. Go ahead and play it right now. It’s cool. I’ll wait. As long as it takes...

Now that you’ve played it, let me ask you. Did those crazy rhythms make you happy but also maybe a little dizzy? Good. That means Monobody’s diabolical plan to be a good poppy instrumental math rock band is working. Some also just call it jazz.

*Go Bulls - Always - Forever

**Tom Cruise's finest movie in years - seriously

Published March 7, 2015



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