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Lo-fi garage is for Lovvers. That's the next t-shirt I'm going to wear. Man, I'd be the coolest kid at the food court. Anyway, Lovvers (not to be confused with Wavves) are four young English lads that just released their full-length debut for Wichita Records across "The Pond" (which is the cute way of saying "Big Ass Ocean").

Said album has been very well received by the boisterous basement punks over there. And it's going to do well over here too, because this scuffed-up-meets-messed-up noise is what's HOT right now (see The Smell on the West, see The Market Hotel on the East, see People Projects (RIP) in between).

There are seven distorted songs on the Lovvers album (which is called Think) and five of these songs clock in under two-minutes long. The two exceptions, both massively epic extended guitar jam-outs, have the Lawrence of Arabia-esque running time of just over two-minutes. Good thing the record isn't called Blink because if you did, you just might miss it. Phew! Radio Shack Rock (i.e. cheap equipment) sure makes me dizzy! Lovvers rock out though.
Published February 25, 2009



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