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Toronto's Little Guitars rock some nice up-and-down pop that almost sounds just like surfing. Surf music? What an original insight, Rockness! Yes, we know, we know. And you heard it HERE first!

How did we come up with something so novel as "surf music" you may ask? Well, Little Girls' lo-fi guitar solo sound like the easy rhythm of waves (or Wavves, whichever works) and their taut bass lines sound just like snug wet suits. Yes, that last analogy to a wet suit was a stretch (no pun intended), but at least we didn't say, "These jams are just like long florescent shorts!" Those shorts were the true JAMS.

Now I don't know why, but when I rock out to Little Girls, I also really want Spuds Mackenzie by my side, offering me a cold refreshing beverage nestled in a koozy. Is that weird? He just seemed like a cool dog to chill with.

But back to the band's sound. Perhaps I'm misleading you, because this isn't all sunshine and lollipops. The band also has a gloom pop thing going on in some of their songs, keeping things slightly ominous. So maybe this is nighttime surfing music when the scary, menacing sharks might be lurking about? We'll work on that one.

Anyway, Little Girls have releases out on Mexican Summer (Washed Out, Kurt Vile) and Captured Tracks (Blank Dogs, Ganglians). If you like lo-fi and surfing and long shorts and cool dogs, you'll like Little Girls.
Published October 28, 2009



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