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Written by Patrick McNamara

Leverage Models is the retro futuro dance ‘n b pop wave project of Shannon Fields - the dude responsible for Stars Like Fleas - an ambitious band that returned to the earth some years ago - RIP and Sic Transit Gloria, Stars Like Fleas. Dust in the wind. Dudes.

(note to self: use “retro futuro” more often - it definitely doesn’t sound like you’re making shit up on the fly.)

But no man is an island and Fields asked and thereby received help from some of his creatively talented friends (these pals include: Sharon Van Etten + members of LCD Soundsystem and Yeasayer and Sinkane + some other bands but I don’t really want to get into it now) to perfectly execute Leverage Model's grand, engaging, and wonderfully weird sound.

Now, I know my “futuro dance ‘n b pop wave” description nailed what this band sounds like with a definitive BOOM. But I feel like I should also throw out a disclaimer that you probably haven’t really heard anything exactly like Leverage Models before. And that additional fact right there should be enough to make you want to tune in (if you’re curious) or tune out (if your lunch break is up). Because originality goes a long way in this musical called life. Don’t you forget it, man. Shannon Fields hasn’t.

That being said - let’s compare Leverage Models to other things from the past! Terrific! Think maybe Duran Duran meets Simple Minds meets a saxaphone (relax - only sometimes) meets Spandau Ballet meets Tron-like space wiggles meets soulful funk (relax - very little - so little I’m hesitant to even mention it) meets, I don’t know, Wham!? It's hard to categorize and put bands in boxes.

Tell you what. Why don’t you just listen to Leverage Models yourself. And take the heat off me. I gotta get outta this kitchen, anyway. I’ve been burning up since tossing out that “retro futuro” phrase a few long, long, lines ago.

Maybe I should end with one of those “File Under” sections, while I'm at it.

File Under: #pretty #retro #futuro #electronic #epic

(I threw in the hashtags for fun/free.)

Published February 10, 2014



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