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Written by Patrick McNamara

Knuckle Puck are a pop punk band from the South Suburbs of Chicago. Ohhhhhh, shit. That’s where I’m from. Nobody’s from there. Whenever I tell peeps I'm from Chicagoland (not an amusement park) they're always like, "My friend grew up in Naperville!" or "I'm from Lake Forest!" Nope. Nowhere near those, man. But that’s not why I’m writing about these five dudes (although it certainly helps). I’m slinging Knuckle Puck’s sound because their jams are instantly catchy and they put me in a better goddamn mood. That’s what good pop punk do.

On nowwwwwwww…. the starting lineup for YOUR Knuckle Puck. At vocals, Joeeeee Taylor. At drums, Johnnnnn Siorek. At guitar, Nickkkkkk Casasanto. At bass... FROM NORTH CAROLINA…. a 6’ 6” guard…. number 23…. Michaelllllll Jordan. And by Michael Jordan, I mean Kevin Maida. I was just playing around with the whole South Suburbs of Chicago thing some more. It’s an SSC thing, you wouldn’t understand.

As of this writing, Knuckle Puck are touring with Modern Baseball + Somos + Crying. I’ve recently written about all those bands because they’re all good. That's the way it works. And none of them are from the South Suburbs of Chicago. Therefore, your honor, this proves beyond a reasonable doubt that I’m slinging Knuckle Puck for nothing more than genuinely altruistic aesthetic reasons. Don’t you dare suggest I’m a homer. I’m not Hawk Harrelson. You gotta be bleeping me.

Knuckle Puck just released a very good pop punk album called “While I Stay Secluded.” It’s six solid songs of sublime catchiness and might even be better than Aurelio’s (it’s an SSC thing - YWU). You can stream the whole album below. Or, if you want to get REALLY real you can grab the physical here. Do both or either one. Just have fun. Because Knuckle Puck are a good goddamn band.

In summation. COOK COUNTY, WHAT.

Published November 11, 2014



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