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Kid, You'll Move Mountains

This is an extremely easy band to like. Kid, You'll Move Mountains (of Geneva, Illinois and formed from the ashes of Trouble Hubble, Inspector Owl and El Oso) play good old indie rock pop that's refreshingly devoid of any pretension or posturing. In other words, their music doesn't take a backseat to their haircuts.

The band's super catchy guitar/piano rock just sounds, what's the word, substantial. And with their alternating male/female vocals and a big collective sound, they remind me of another substantial band, The New Pornographers.

And in their short existence, these five (including two brothers and a brother's wife) have wasted no time getting their music out there to the masses, playing tons of shows with similarly melodic bands like Maritime, Bound Stems, Headlights and Mason Proper.

So they're out there a lot and you should catch them. As stated, it's extremely easy to like Kid, You'll Move Mountains. They're the best thing to happen to Geneva since the Kane County Cougars.
Published March 11, 2009



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