((John Talabot)) Band Profile and Upcoming Chicago Concerts - Oh My Rockness

John Talabot is an electronic Producer/DJ dude from Barcelona who creates chill club jams that go thump in the night. You can call these sounds deep disco-house, I guess. But I don't really know that means - because it doesn't really mean anything.

You know what does mean something though? Calling your mother on Sundays. That has absolutely nothing to do with John Talabot, but his songs have some beats I bet my mom would even like (that's my attempt at tying together absolutely nothing with a string... and anyway, my mom would NOT like this).

There's also twinge of darkness to John Talabot's jams. Not TOO sinister, it's just that sometimes these beats sound like they want to kill me - no big deal. I guess Talabot's beats don't like my funny looking face. So does this electronic darkness mean this is actually called witch-goth-dub? Step-acid-core? Spain-synth-glitch? I can never keep up with all the new genres and soundzzzz.

I do like John Talabot though. I'd go see him play. I'm not afraid to show myself to these beats. If I get thumped, I get thumped.

Published July 12, 2012



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