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Have you heard jj's new song "Beautiful Life?" (It's not even going to be that "new" of a song by the time this profile is published but I don't care because I'm punk rock like that.) How good of a song is that song? It's a really good song. It's the kind that makes me sad-happy; or maybe happy-sad.

You see? This song mixes up my emotions so much I can't even tell the difference between happiness and sadness anymore. Wait. This has got to be happiness, because the song is called "Beautiful Life." Right? But I remember feeling sad in that movie "Life is Beautiful" so I just don't know what to think anymore.

Anyway, jj has more in their arsenal than just this one song. The Swedish male/female duo has been around a few years and released some stuff for Secretly Canadian to great acclaim. But I never wanted to tell you how good they were until I heard "Beautiful Life." This is ethereal bliss, is what it is. This is subtle electro-pop wonderment. This is... well... this is whatever you want it to be.

But it can't be anything unless you first listen to it. I just did again. And while I'm not sure if these are happy tears or sad tears, I know it feels good either way to moisturize my face naturally. (I use moisturizing lotion in the mornings because I'm punk rock like that).

Published April 12, 2012



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