((Ganglians)) Band Profile and Upcoming Chicago Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Sacramento's Ganglians are psych-y and sunshine-y and sometimes they rock out too. Their music has got all these swirling guitar parts and bright harmonies and accommodating cymbal clashes that make grown adults with beards cry.

Hey, that wasn't fair to Ganglians. You don't need a beard to like this music. After all, Kevin's older sister Karen in The Wonder Years didn't have a beard, now did she? And Karen from The Wonder Years would totally dig Ganglians. Remember when she took Kevin up to her secret "hill" where all the cool (i.e. stoner) high school kids would hang out and spin around and laugh in the grass? Ganglians' music is like the soundtrack to that episode.

If you like Yeasayer, you might like Ganglians. If you like Wavves, I guess you might like Ganglians too since (as of this writing) they are in the middle of a long tour together. If you like The Wonder Years, maybe you know why they haven't come out with the complete series on DVD yet (word on the street is that it's a music licensing issue, but I secretly think its because grown-ups don't want the next generation of kids staging "walk outs" on school grounds).
Published August 20, 2009



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