((Evan Voytas)) Band Profile and Upcoming Chicago Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Now that Jacko is no longer with us, maybe Evan Voytas can fill a little bit of the void that was left in those, oh, ten billion people. When we listen to this young LA dude's song "Getting Higher" we feel like putting on a black tuxedo complete with shimmering socks and leaning into a few little retro Michael moves.

It's a really good sunshine dance jam sprinkled with just the right amount of funk (i.e. barely any funk, because funk usually just plain sucks). It's got insanely catchy beats and synths and is anchored by a perfectly pleasant guitar riff. As an added plus, Voytas' exceptional tenor simply sparkles as he reaches higher, baby. He's got the vocals thing down.

Now, we're not going to lie; we don't know a whole lot more about this guy or where he'll fall in the vast musical spectrum. He could either be the next electro-indie-pop "it" person like those Passion Pit guys, or he could be the next Michael Jackson.

Ok, maybe not Michael Jackson. But let us state for the record that Evan Voytas' popularity will fall somewhere between Passion Pit and Michael Jackson. You heard it here.
Published July 16, 2009



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