((Entrance)) Band Profile and Upcoming Chicago Concerts - Oh My Rockness

I don't care what his bio says, Guy Blakeslee (a.k.a. Entrance) was not born in 1981 and he's not from Baltimore. He's from San Francisco and he was born in 1945. I mean, he's just gotta be. No one who plays the electric guitar like this, or sings like this, was born when Ronald Reagan was president. I'm sure his bio is a mistake and he was instead a secret pal of Jimi Hendrix (he even plays his guitar upside-down and left-handed just like Jimi). I'm sure he would have been just as famous too, had he not had to cancel his Woodstock gig at the last minute due to scheduling conflicts.

Blakeslee is a man from another era. His mission is quite simple; to win you over with his pure musical talent. His wonderfully warbled voice slips and slides over his insane electric solos that often turn into extended jam outs. This is classic rock, G-Blake style. Check Entrance out and ask him where he hides the DeLorean. I'd really like to get that sucker up to 88mph.
Published July 13, 2006



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