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Montreal's Desire do not sound like Arcade Fire. They do not sound like Wolf Parade. They do not sound like Miracle Fortress. And I will not eat them Sam I am. Nope, Desire sounds like Madonna.

More specifically, Desire sounds like Madonna during her "Like a Virgin" period. Seriously. Sure, this is heavier on the electro-ness and shies away from the straight-up pop thing, but I hear Madonna when I hear Desire and that's my story that I'm sticking to.

Desire is Megan Louise on vocals and synths, Johnny Jewel (he was in Chromatics) on guitar and the synth beats, and Nat Walker (he was in Chromatics, too) on the drums and, yes, the synths. Lots of synths going on here. Sometimes Desire's electro-dance sounds kind of dark and those are the times that this doesn't really sound like Madonna. But sometimes their electro-ness sounds brighter and happier, and that's when they sound just like Madonna (she was so happy when she was touched for the very first time, don't you know).

As of this writing (November 12th, 1984), Desire is on a big time tour with their label mates, Glass Candy. That label happens to be Italians Do It Better. And while I like that label's roster, I don't agree with their sentiment (everyone knows it's actually Madonna's best friend, Rosie O'Donnell, who does it better... she's HILARIOUS always gushing about Tom Cruise and Broadway plays and things... HA!).
Published October 15, 2009



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