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Warm happiness. That's how I'd characterize Barcelona's Delorean. They're a synth-pop band that makes for a completely carefree listen. Not that you won't care about them when you listen to them, but that you'll forget all your cares when you listen. Get it?

These guys started out by doing a lot of remixes for bands such as The Mystery Jets, Lemonade (who were awesome when they played our Rockness SXSW show awhile back... just had to throw that in there), The Teenagers and The Big Pink. But then Delorean got all "original music" on us and started writing and releasing their own stuff.

And such pleasant stuff it is! It's likeable dance music that doesn't thump too much. And the thumps are what offend most of the people who don't like dance music (and the stupid robot voice). My mom might like this, and she's definitely anti-thump. Mental note: send some Delorean music to Mom.

Delorean also sounds very pop-European. What does that mean exactly? I have no idea. But pop-European is like pornography, you know it when you see it, er, listen to it, er, something like that. Or, they could just sound a little like Phoenix. Hmmm, I wonder if Delorean will ever be in a Cadillac commercial. Remember when Hum was in that Cadillac commercial? That was pretty cool.

Anyway, the nutshell is this, Delorean is non-thumping European pop that gets parental approval. And that, my friends, is what warm happiness is all about.
Published March 12, 2010



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