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Back in the day (1998 to be exact) I wanted all of my friends and acquaintances to call me Skratch Bastard. I know it's lame to demand to be called a nickname, but in this case my love of turntablists outweighed my need to be cool. The name faded away (it was soon replaced by "asshole"), but my interest in "cuttin' the music up with so much class" didn't dissipate.

The King of San Fran, Cut Chemist has always been near the top of the scratchin'genre with the other greats like The Beat Junkies, Invisible Skratch Piklz and The X-Ecutioners.

His live shows are an all-out love fest as he gets retarded on the Technics. He'll cut it up, fuck it up and make the beats sound better than anything you can play in your living room. His live album with Shortkut still gives me goosebumps six years after I first heard it.

His exhibition is not to be missed -- he'll put on a clinic for all those pretender DJs out there. Cut Chemist is the real deal on the wheels of steel.
Published October 4, 2004



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