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Brian Jonestown Massacre

Ok, so the only reason I'm writing about this band now after all these years (well, two) is because I happened to get "DiG!" on Netflix a couple weeks ago (yeah I know, it's been out forever, but I was too busy doing real things, like playing with my lawn Jarts). You know "DiG!", it's that documentary on these guys and The Dandy Warhols (it's funny because it sounds like "Andy" Warhols).

The movie is full of all sorts of fascinating things that go on in bands, like long drives, drugs and temper tantrums. Oh, and it exposes for the first-time the music industry for what it truly is (you mean they're only out to make money?!?!). Before I saw "DiG!," I didn't really care for the Brian Jonestown Massacre (it's funny because it sounds like a famous mass-murder. Ha!). Jam-hippie rock just isn't really my thing. But after seeing the movie, I've changed. I still don't really care for these guys, but I appreciate their tenacity. Even if their singer is (or was... people can change) a total dick.
Published November 9, 2006



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