((Arctic Monkeys)) Band Profile and Upcoming Chicago Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Here we go again... another "hot," "hip," "hype," "retro," "art-rock," "dance" band from the UK that listened to a lot of Wire and Gang of Four. Now, I know it's probably not their fault (is it?) that they have a sound that's been blasting forth to our ears ad nauseum these last couple of years (with emphasis on the "ad"... did anyone hear Franz Ferdinand piping out of the World Series promos? How about Bloc Party in the Target spot?), but I can't help but wonder why we need another one of these bands to listen to (unless it's to shake hipsters' hips at MisSHAPES)?

Following similar suit as all those other guys, the Arctic Monkeys are already huge in England and recently, just like FF, signed to Domino Records to bring their music to America's masses. They've sold out their shows in NYC on their first go-around, so we must still be clamoring for and clinging to this wiry sound. I guess the ad agencies were right after all... man, they've really got their finger on the pulse of today's youth.
Published December 20, 2006



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