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Clayton Hauck
Chicago's American Draft is a longtime running, hard-hitting band that puts its pedal to the metal side of things. But their heavy, squealing and distorted riffs come with a fine blend of ferocious rhythmic eccentricity. And this deliberate sprinkling of the offbeat makes American Draft something much more interesting to listen to than just your standard rock out kind of band (though we like those kinds of bands too).

This band will often go to a quieter place mid-song and meander around in that peaceful state for awhile before ratcheting up the volume knobs to blast your face once more. It's nice.

American Draft has been compared to other nice and loud bands like The Fucking Champs (definitely hear that), Frank Zappa, King Crimson and Mastodon. Throw in an American Heritage comparison too, just for the sake of Chicago.

It's kind of surprising more people don't know about American Draft. They're brutal and tight and sonically unique from most members of the metal brotherhood. If you feel like RAGING and American Draft is playing, you should definitely go check them out. And don't forget to bring your earplugs.
Published June 2, 2011



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